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New services in eCommerce

Replace CRM with CDP

The trend of e-commerce leads to the fact that businesses are abandoning the strategy of attracting new consumers. It is both costly and time consuming. A new trend is the collection of data on current customers. Brands create virtual avatars of their customers. This is not only a portrait of the customer, but also the features of his behavior in the network, the channels of communication with the store at different sites.

Classic CRM systems do not allow to keep track of virtual user activity, so large brands are moving to CDP platforms. What is the difference?

● In the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you create a card with customer data, inside which you record each interaction with him. But this site is not suitable for collecting large amounts of data from different sources.

● CDP (Customer Data Platform) combines user data from different sources: online channels, offline outlets, files from any database. Some systems analyze at what time you need to communicate with users so that they do not go into churn – no longer be customers of the company.

If the user does not buy anything for a certain period of time, most likely, he will not return. Significant funds need to be spent on its re-involvement. The term “churn” can be understood as writing off the user as scrap. CDP platforms will help to predict after what time it is useless to spend forces and money on repeated attraction of the client. It is also possible to analyze through which advertising channel you need to contact the user so that he does not go to churn.

№ 3. Unified platforms for LTV control

In the third point, I decided to include services that will help increase sales in e-commerce – it”s Flocktory and Get Click. With them you can influence LTV. Recall that this abbreviation stands for Lifetime Value and denotes the company”s profit received from one customer during the entire period of cooperation.

It is worth noting that not every site can work with Flocktory and Get Click services. They are quite demanding on the number of visitors. To use Flocktory the site must come from 300 thousand users a month, for Get Click this threshold is 100 thousand visits.

The mechanisms of services are similar. On the example of Flocktory I will tell about some modules which you can connect:

Flocktory’s Exchange

For a perfect action on the site (for example, the purchase) of one of the partners participating in the Exchange program, the user gets the opportunity to choose a gift from one of the other partners of the service.

For example, the user agrees to view the list of special offers and clicks on the “Get” button. Then Flocktory algorithms collect all possible information about the user within the ecosystem, analyze their actions and form a relevant showcase for him gifts and suggestions.

The service quickly analyzes user data and offers gifts from partners that suit the interests of a particular user.

№ 4. Video consultations

Due to the limitations associated with the pandemic, a new trend in e-commerce has emerged – online video consulting from offline outlets. followed this path. Statistics show that every third video consultation ends with a purchase. How does it work?

The user opens the product card. If he does not have enough description, he contacts the video consultants. Employees conduct a virtual tour of the store and show the product in action. The managers of one of our clients even tried on clothes during the stream so that the user could see how they look on the person.

Video consultations were launched through the Eyezon service. It allows you to place a button to contact the consultant on the site. Clicking on it brings up a dialog box. In it the countdown of time through which the manager will be released is started.

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